Types of Male Sex Toys

male sex toys

When you hear about men using sex toys, your first thought might be of a not-so-discreet fleshlight that someone keeps hidden in their closet to shamelessly jerk off in private. But there’s actually a whole lot more to male sex toys than the typical cock ring or penis extender, and it’s not just about making orgasms easier for you or your partner. Many of the latest male sex toys also provide sensation to the clitoris and perineum, giving men a new type of pleasure to explore alone or with a partner. The types of male sex toys out there range from cock rings with built-in vibrators to prostate stimulating insertables.

For a hands-free masturbation accessory that can be used in both solo and partner play, try a cock ring like this one from Le Wand that can slip around the base of the cock for a fun, self-loving toy that’s great for couples who want to explore new orgasms together. Other cock rings are designed to fit snugly and restrict the flow of blood for a firmer, harder erection that can delay ejaculation.

A prostate stimulator can be an effective sex toy for a man with an enlarged prostate and is a good option for couples who want to add a prostate massage into sexual intercourse. These toys are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and textures to fit the anatomy of any guy. Some prostate sex toys are even equipped with Bluetooth and vibrate to add an extra dimension of stimulation.

For an anal massager that you can use with your mate or alone, try this versatile toy from Tenga that’s shaped like an egg and has multiple opening styles and textures to customize how it feels. The toy is also reusable and comes with a lube sample so you can use it in front of your partner or on your own.

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