How Male Sex Toys Are Changing Men’s Lives

male sex toys

Not long ago, it was almost unheard of for men to use sex toys. But in a time when sexual wellness and pleasure are more widely discussed than ever, male sex toys have made their way into the mainstream—and they’re having a huge impact on male bodies, pleasure, and relationships. Men who use sex toys can explore new sensations, discover their unique erogenous zones, and even find a boost in confidence, self-esteem, and intimacy in their relationships.

And while sex toys are often associated with gay culture and male-specific fetishism, the truth is they’re used by all kinds of dudes. According to a recent survey, men make up at least 11 percent of the sex toy market, and they’re more likely than women to purchase male-specific toys. And as the demand grows, so do the innovations in male sex toys. “It’s a pretty big market that’s been under-explored and is really starting to get some attention,” says sex tech developer Chris Minor.

But before you rush out to snag yourself a cock-ring strobe or a vibrating dildo, it’s important to start small and take it slow. “When someone is brand-new to the toy world, it’s best to go with a stroker toy that doesn’t have any extra features,” Cam tells Hack. “That way, you can focus on the sensations you’re getting from the toy and get comfortable with the feeling of it.”

Stroker toys are essentially just a soft sleeve that fits over your penis. And while they’re great for de-stressing and solo play, some men use them with their partners for mutual jacking. Luckily, there are a ton of options on the market to suit your taste and body type, including some that are specifically designed for erectile or prostate stimulation and others that provide penetration support for men with small penises, micropenises, or transitioning bodies.

Regardless of your toy of choice, it’s always a good idea to start with a little lube and warm water, especially when trying out something new for the first time. Then you can move on to more complex toys that let you customize your experience with sound, vibrations, and temperature. But no matter what you decide to play with, the most important thing is that it feels good and is safe.

And if you’re in need of some guidance to help you figure out which male sex toys are right for you, there are plenty of resources online. From community forums to online guides, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for you and your cock.

And if you’re ready to dive right in, we’ve got a selection of the best male sex toys available online—all rated and reviewed by actual users. So whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned adventurer, there’s sure to be the perfect toy for you. Just remember to always prioritize safety and cleanliness before and after use, and never forget the importance of communication with your partner!

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