A Guide to Male Stroker Sex Toys

male stroker sex toy

Strokers are sleeve-like toys that people with penises use to masturbate or enhance partnered play by stimulating the shaft, glans and (if they’re open-ended) testicles. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials—some feel like orifices, others resemble genitalia, and some vibrate, suck, thump, jiggle or mimic the sensation of oral sex or penetrative penetration.

Many strokers are simple and discreet, such as Tenga’s low-priced Egg. But some go beyond that. The Satisfyer Men’s Classic, for example, is a stroker with a twist. When you squeeze the sides, air pressure fills the toy and tightens the Cyberskin ribbed interior for a more intense experience. The toy also has a built-in pressure regulator, so you can control how much force is being applied.

The Manta sleeve sex toy is another favorite among male stroker users. It looks odd, but it’s actually a cleverly designed toy that can be used as a solo or couples stroker. Load it up with lube and you can use the fork-shaped head as a traditional vibrating stroker. But if you’re in the mood for couples play, simply place it around the bottom of your penis while a partner massages the shaft with their hands or mouth. You can even turn up the vibration to intensify the experience for both partners.

If you’re new to male strokers, consider starting with something more cost-effective than Fleshlight’s pricier options, which include the Manta, Satisfyer and the Cyberskin Flip Zero EV. That way, you can get a feel for the texture and stimulation before dropping down to more expensive toys.

Whether you’re in the market for a male stroker sex toy or you just want to add one to your collection, remember to be mindful of hygiene and safety. Wash your toys regularly using soapy water, especially after they’ve been used with a partner. And if you plan on taking your toys on the go, choose an option that’s easy to store—preferably in a case that closes securely and won’t pick up other dirty objects.

Aside from ensuring that your sex toy is clean, you’ll want to think about how you’re going to use it and when. For example, if you’re planning on squeezing it while stroking, choose a textured stroker that’s comfortable in your hand and fits snugly to the tip of your penis. And don’t forget to read the user manual before experimenting, as certain activities or habits could void your warranty. Finally, consider how loud your stroker will be and if you’re okay with that level of noise. If not, you might need to consider a silent or motion-activated model.

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