The Best Sex Toys For Guys

best sex toys for guys

Whether you’re looking for the best male masturbator, a powerful vibrator for men, or a cock ring with wild vibrations, we have your back. These sex toys for guys give you a variety of ways to stroke, slide, and throb your way to a mind-blowing orgasm. Whether you’re alone or in a sexy partnership, there’s a male masturbator for every taste and budget.

Almost all of the toys on this list are made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is body-safe and can be used with silicone lubricant. While TPE is not reusable, it’s easy to clean and a great material for toys that are intended for one-time use. TPE also tends to feel softer and more like human skin, which is ideal for toys that are meant to be massaged and used on the anal area.

If you’re looking for a massager that feels similar to a woman’s hand, try this stroker by Lovehoney. It has a soft, velvety exterior and an internal texture that’s ribbed for extra sensations. It’s easy to grip and fits comfortably in the hand for masturbation or to hold in the partner’s hands for foreplay and intimate stroking.

Most male masturbators have a rounded, curved shape to fit the penis better, and some even come with a removable clit cup for an extra boost of stimulation. This sex toy for men has multiple asymmetrical textures and buttons that let you control pressure points, including the clit area. It’s also compatible with silicone lubrication and is easy to clean.

This sex toy for men is perfect for beginners because it doesn’t have any electronics, making it waterproof and easy to use in the shower or tub. It’s made from a soft, flexible TPE that’s easy to grip and can be used in a wide range of positions and angles. It also has a slick surface for slippery fun, and if you’re in a pinch it can double as a masturbator for women.

The makers of this male masturbator forced an AI to watch 6000 hours of BJ videos, and now you can get the sensations of a real blowjob at any time with this toy for guys. It has tight silicone lips that can either gently caress your penis or deepthroat it aggressively, and it comes in 3 different sizes to match your cock’s unique shape.

These sex toys for men are the best toy options if you’re new to masturbation or want something that can be used by yourself or in couple’s play. They’re made from high-quality materials, and the vibrations are intense enough for most people to experience orgasms. Depending on what kind of sensations you’re looking for, you can also add extra pleasure to these toys with a prostate massager or anal beads. There are so many male masturbators on the market, it’s hard to choose just one, so try a few to see what you like. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are even more male masturbators that aren’t on this list.

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